Mesotherapy is a breakthrough non-surgical treatment for cellulite and localized fat reduction. It employs micro-injections of very small doses of mesotherapy medications that have high anti-cellulite and fat burning qualities. By delivering these medications into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) mesotherapy treatment stimulates skin repair, melts fat cells and destroys connective tissue bands responsible for the appearance of the cellulite.

Mesotherapy is equally effective on any part of the body. However, it’s most popular applications are for cellulite reduction on the thighs and legs, for body contouring on the abdomen, flanks, legs and chin and for skin rejuvenation on the face, neck, and hands. Mesotherapy injections are very effective reducing localized fat deposits in saddle bags areas and love handles areas, treating double chins and post-liposuction unevenness.

All injectable treatments are preformed by the dermatologist or a nurse injector at the Rejuvenation Laser Dermatology only.



  • Surgery not required
  • Minimal side effects
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Effective in reducing cellulite

How It Works

Mesotherapy involves injections of micro doses of Health Canada-approved medications and vitamins directly in and around the affected areas. This technique delivers the mesotherapy medications directly into the skin allowing these very small dosages have significant effect on reducing cellulite and burning fat cells. Mesotherapy in Calgary is used primarily for reducing cellulite and fat in unwanted areas as well as for skin rejuvenation. People from all age groups can have this procedure done.

What To Expect

Mesotherapy can be done easily in the office and takes about thirty to sixty minutes. Because only tiny amount of the medication is injected using very fine needle the procedure is generally considered painless. Most clients report the sensation of pinpricks.

There is minimal bruising and swelling, and the patient can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure.




Recommended Sessions

Most people require from three to ten sessions at two week intervals to achieve results, although some will see the desired results in just one or two treatments.

Possible Downtime

  • Minimal bruising and swelling
  • Nausea and pain
  • Itching and redness

After Treatment Care

  • Because mesotherapy is non-invasive, there usually isn’t any downtime. Many people are able to return to their regular activities right away. Others may need to take a day off due to swelling and pain at the injection sites.